ASTM F963 Toy Safety Standard Revised

Oct. 27 2023

ASTM International has published a revised version of ASTM F963-23, Toy Safety Standard, including changes approved by the ASTM Subcommittee F15.22 on Toy Safety since the last revision in 2017.

Highlights of the revision include a focus on physical and technical changes for Acoustics, Expanding Materials with Outer Coverings, Environmental Conditions for Projectiles Toys and Testing Sequence for Bow and Arrow Toys and Battery Accessibility and Battery Compartment Attachment.

Additional changes were made to align the ASTM requirements to existing Federal and CPSC requirements relating to Phthalates, Exemptions for Toy Substrate Materials, and the labeling requirements for Tracking Labels on Toys

Following requirements under the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) of 2008, once the revised ASTM F963 standard is published and ASTM officially notifies the CPSC of the new revision, the CPSC has 90 days to object to any revision that do not enhancing overall toy safety.

If no objections are made, this revision of the standard will then become a Mandatory Safety Requirement under 16 CFR 1250, Safety Standard Mandating ASTM F963 for Toys 180 days after such notification.

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