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Bureau Veritas accredited as ISO 21434 Inspection Body

Jan. 19 2023

Certificate Issued to China’s Lianchuang Auto Group

Bureau Veritas has announced its accreditation to UNECE’s R155, R156 and ISO 21434 – bolstering its Automotive Cybersecurity services. Additionally, it has granted its first certificate to China’s Lianchuang Auto Group. The accreditation audit was carried out by Accredia in Italy and broadens the scope of Bureau Veritas’ Cybersecurity capabilities to cover ISO 21434 as well as UN R155 and UN R156.

UNECE’s R155 and R156 serve as harmonized standards surrounding Automotive Cybersecurity, and they relate to Cybersecurity and over-the-air updates in vehicles respectively. R155 focuses on uniform provisions concerning the approval of vehicles with regard to cybersecurity management systems, while R156 focuses on vehicle software update processes and software update management systems.

To support with implementing these new processes, ISO/SAE 21434 has been published defining a framework to put in place by organizations to better manage cybersecurity. It is the first standard that lays out clearly the organizational, procedural, and technical requirements relating to cybersecurity throughout the lifecycle - from development to production to after-sales.

Following its accreditation as an ISO 21434 inspection body, Bureau Veritas granted its first certificate to Lianchuang Automotive Electronics in China. Lianchuang – a developer of intelligent driving systems and chassis’ – is the recipient of one of the first such certificates in China, and the World’s first to achieve Accredia’s 21434 certification.

This accreditation enhances Bureau Veritas’ scope of Automotive Cybersecurity services at a time when vehicles are becoming increasingly connected to consumer devices and wider IoT – enabling more advanced automobiles, but at the same time increasing the potential for malicious cyber-attacks on vehicles. UNECE’s R155 and R156 – and the related ISO/SAE 21434 and 24089 – are therefore crucial for OEMs to adhere to, and safeguard vehicles and their passengers.

Pascal Le Ray, Bureau Veritas Head of Cybersecurity globally, said of the accreditation, “I’m proud of our recent accreditation to UN R155, UN R156, UN R155, UN R156 and ISO 21434, and the widening of our service scope in Cybersecurity for our automotive clients. With the ongoing development of automobile connectivity, it is crucial for our clients to understand and be guided through the Cybersecurity process. This development further enhances our scope of services and supports our clients to manufacture more secure vehicles, adds to our existing suite of Automotive TIC services, and demonstrates the continued development of Bureau Veritas’ scope of Cybersecurity as a whole.”

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