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Dec. 5 2023

Bureau Veritas announces the acquisition of Impactiva Group S.A., a leader in quality assurance for the footwear and apparel industry. 

Since its establishment in 2003, Impactiva has become a strategic partner for its broad portfolio of top-tier footwear, apparel and leather goods retailers and brand owners. The Company provides guidance to hundreds of factories and tanneries across Asia, Europe and Africa, ensuring the highest levels of quality in production. Known for its innovative solutions, Impactiva optimizes the use of raw materials, minimizes waste, and eliminates finished product defects through process improvements at its clients’ third-party factories. With its network of 180 specialists strategically positioned near production hubs across Asia and Europe the company generated a revenue of c.$9 million in 2022. 

This acquisition marks a milestone for Bureau Veritas' Consumer Products Services division, as it strengthens its presence in upstream services to the footwear and apparel manufacturing industry, augmenting its capacity to deliver supply chain services in line with economic, quality, and sustainability objectives. The acquisition of Impactiva by Bureau Veritas signifies a key move in the realm of quality assurance for the footwear and apparel industry. 

Hinda Gharbi, Chief Executive Officer of Bureau Veritas, commented: 
“We are delighted to welcome Impactiva to the Bureau Veritas family. Expansion in key strategic segments such as footwear and supply chain services, including upstream quality assurance and factory capacity building, are top priorities for Bureau Veritas and perfectly aligned with our strategy of diversification. This acquisition not only positions Bureau Veritas as a leader in the footwear quality assurance market for the world's leading brands and retailers but also establishes Impactiva as the competence center for footwear and supply chain transformation support.” 

Jose Suarez, Founder of Impactiva, expressed his excitement, stating: 
"Our team members are true innovators, possessing a unique blend of an industrial engineering mindset and deep industry technical knowledge and skills. We are poised to continue revolutionizing the footwear and apparel shopfloor, manufacturing processes driving efficiency, quality, and innovation at every step. With Impactiva’s comprehensive approach and Bureau Veritas' global reach and extensive testing, inspection, and sustainability portfolio, as well as our shared values of getting quality right first time, we will empower the factories of even more footwear and apparel clients to ensure that their products are 'right from the start'."

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