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Bureau Veritas' Automotive Hub receives ISTA Transit Testing Accreditation

Dec. 5 2019

Bureau Veritas' Automotive lab in Shanghai has received accreditation from the International Safe Transit Association (ISTA). 

During the accreditation process, Bureau Veritas has been recognized by ISTA with its professional qualifications, testing equipment, testing environment, as well as standardized process management, safety measures, on-site operation, testing reports, etc.,

With this ISTA accreditation, Bureau Veritas can provide packaging and transportation suppliers with many specialist tests including...

Simulated automobile test           

Test the durability & packaging quality of the products by simulating the repeated impact conditions, that the products may encounter during the use and transportation, and the ability to withstand the specific severe conditions when they move freely on the means of transportation

Low atmospheric pressure           

Test the adaptability of the product to storage, transportation and use in low pressure climate. The severity of the test depends on temperature, air pressure and exposure duration

Collision test           

Evaluate the protection ability of the outer package to the inner product when it bears repeated impacts during transportation. The severity of the test depends on the distance, road condition, transportation mode and transportation time

Temperature and humidity test           

Confirm the adaptability of the product for storage, transportation and use under the climate of testing temperature and humidity. The severity of the test depends on high / low temperature, humidity and storage duration

Stacking pressure test           

Verify the packaging status of the sample, simulating the stacking of the package in the storage pallet or transportation, and the withstand strength level of the carton. The protection performance of the product under the vertical extrusion pressure for a certain time was investigated. The severity of the test depends on the pressure value, loading speed and stacking time

Packaging & transportation vibration test           

Simulate the impact of various vibration environments encountered by the product in the transportation, installation and use environment, and to determine whether the product can withstand various environmental vibrations

Package drop test           

Drop test capacity maximum load: 2T maximum drop height: 1500mm

ISTA Certificate

ISTA Packaging Transit Testing Certificate for Shanghai Auto Hub