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Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services becomes an E5 Designated Body for Cybersecurity

Feb. 24 2023

Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services (“BVCPS”) has today been announced as an E5 designated body for Cybersecurity in Sweden, meaning that it can provide homologation services to any country around the world for the UN’s UNECE R155 and R156 regulations for Cybersecurity.

The designation increases the scope of BVCPS’ Cybersecurity capabilities in the country to cover R155 and R156, two key industry standards in Automotive Cybersecurity.

UNECE’s R155 and R156 serve to harmonise standards surrounding automotive cybersecurity, and they relate to Cybersecurity and over-the-air updates in vehicles respectively. R155 focuses on uniform provisions concerning the approval of vehicles with regard to cybersecurity management systems, while R156 focuses on vehicle software update processes and software update management systems.

UNECE states that the onus of supply chain cybersecurity management lies upon the Vehicle Manufacturer (known as ‘OEM’), where it is the responsibility of them to ensure that all vehicle parts (hardware and software) are secure, meaning that it is crucial for OEMs to understand, plan and implement cybersecurity measures not just within the components they produce, but also within the organization itself. Around 25% of vehicles sold globally are sold into territories where R155 and R156 are applied e.g. European Union, Japan, and South Korea.

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