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Bureau Veritas launches BV Green Mark for Sustainable Claims and Certifications

Jan. 19 2024

Responding to growing consumer demand for eco-friendly options and in alignment with the expanding Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) landscape, Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services (‘Bureau Veritas’) today announced the launch of the BV Green Mark, verifying and certifying sustainable characteristics of consumer products.

In a world where consumers are increasingly conscious of the environmental impact of their purchases, Bureau Veritas recognizes the need for a comprehensive approach to sustainable consumption – leading to the development of the BV Green Mark, which empowers businesses to make verified and certified sustainable product claims, backed by third-party testing conducted in Bureau Veritas’ laboratories. 

BV Green Mark leverages BV Mark’s Verification and Certification capacities and Bureau Veritas’ extensive testing capabilities to evaluate lifetime carbon footprint, compostability, product durability, and chemical content. Products that exceed Bureau Veritas’ strict criteria can display the BV Green Mark, signifying a business’ commitment to environmental responsibility in product development.

Sustainable Verifications and Certifications covered within the BV Green Mark include:
  • Compostability Verification: Evaluating the compostability of materials used in both home and industrial composting environments. Available for Apparel products.
  • Durability Verification: Verifying the durability of Apparel and small kitchen products through lifetime testing.
  • Carbon Footprint Verification: Leveraging existing global benchmarks to accurately verify the lifetime carbon footprint of consumer products, and the reduction compared to previous models.
  • Chemical Content Certification: Using analytical testing to certify a product does not contain specific chemicals and substances, and certifying that products have sustainable chemical compositions.

Bureau Veritas launched the BV Mark scheme to support its clients to face end users’ growing expectations for accurate marketing claims and certified product performance. Since launch, BV Mark has been issued to products around the world in a wide range of product categories, with verifications and certifications issued across product performance, carbon footprint verification, chemical content and durability. 

The launch of the BV Green Mark adds further value to the overall BV Mark scheme – supporting clients to accurately make sustainable claims around their products.

For more information about this, please visit BV GREEN MARK | BUREAU VERITAS CPS

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