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Bureau Veritas leads the way in IECEE 62443 Cybersecurity Certification

May. 23 2022

Bureau Veritas announces it has issued more than Half of All IECEE 62443 Cybersecurity Certificates Worldwide

Bureau Veritas, a global leader in Testing, Inspection and Certification service for consumer, technology and industrial products, has announced that as of the date of publication, it has successfully issued more than 50% of all IECEE 62443 certificates. Some of the clients who have benefited from a successful Bureau Veritas cybersecurity assessment can be seen below.

Hitachi Energy


hitachi energy_cybersec cert
Atop_cybersec cert



EtherWAN_cybersec cert
moxa_cybersec cert

About IEC 62443

IEC 62443 has been established as the reference standard for cybersecurity in the industrial domain. This standard comes with a holistic approach, providing requirements for the industrial components (e.g. PLCs, HMIs, industrial routers, etc.), as well as for the larger industrial systems. The development and deployment processes are also covered by the standard.

This standard has now been adopted by several markets such as transportation (trains, subways, etc.), utilities network (water, gas, electricity, oil platform, pipelines, etc.), infrastructure (Centralized Technical Management / Building Management System) (towers, tunnels, ports) as well as Smart Buildings / Smart Cities.

On top of the IEC 62443 certification, developers and integrators can certify their products, processes or solutions based on the IECEE scheme, in line with the IEC 62443 requirements. An IECEE certificate will demonstrate that the products, process or solution has passed an extensive evaluation program, which included documentation review, testing and process auditing. Bureau Veritas can support the whole IECEE certification process, with initial preparation, the evaluation work, and the certification step itself.

Bureau Veritas Scope

Bureau Veritas’ global cybersecurity specialists assists service providers, product suppliers and system integrators construct a cybersecurity framework, and help develop the capabilities to manage the information security process, combining IT with OT technology to comply with international standards.

The certification standards provided by Bureau Veritas include program flow and product security respectively with more details in the following table:

Certification Category


Applicable Client


62443-2-4: Security program requirements

Service Provider


62443-4-1: Secure product development lifecycle requirements

Product Supplier

System Security

62443-3-3: System Security requirements and security levels

System Integrator

Product Security

62443-4-2: Technical Security requirements for IACS components

Product Supplier

Bureau Veritas has in addition obtained the qualifications of both ISA/IEC 62443-4-2 under the ISASecure® Program and Component Security Assurance (CSA) V1.0.0. Bureau Veritas is the only testing laboratory in the world to have both the testing qualifications further demonstrating the global leading position of Bureau Veritas in the field of cybersecurity testing and certification.

Bureau Veritas provides a one-stop and value-added solution to their clients supported by their global network and holistic portfolio of services including quality, safety, conformance, sustainability, and cybersecurity solutions.

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