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Bureau Veritas Mexico Approved by Volkswagen as Certified Laboratory Service Provider

Apr. 13 2023

Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services’ laboratory in Puebla, Mexico has been approved by Volkswagen as a certified service provider of testing under its parameters for most of the common testing requirements in Mexico for the Volkswagen group. 

The certification scope includes: 
• TL    1010    Burning Behavior
• TL    1011    Flammability of non-Metallic Materials
• PV    1200    Testing of Resistance to Environmental Cycle Test (+80/-40) °C
• PV    1303    Xenon Arc Light Aging of Vehicle Interior Components
• PV    2005    Testing of Resistance to Environmental Cycle Test
• PV    3909    Measurement of Static and Permanent Elongation
• PV    3922    Oil and Water Repellent Behavior
• PV    3955    Determining the Seam Slippage Resistance of Trim Cover Material - Woven Fabrics
• PV    3959    Hydrolysis Test on Components with Foam-Laminated Decorative Material
• PV    3961    Hook Fastener Test
• PV    3966    PP Components; Stress Whitening Properties (Ball Drop Test)
• PV    3989    Plastics for Components in the Exterior Area; Ball Drop Test 

This new recognition enhances the presence of Bureau Veritas as a key testing player in the automotive supply chain. 

“We are pleased to be recognized by Volkswagen as an approved lab for FMC1278. We are confident that our laboratory is equipped and capable to provide trusted and accepted automotive testing services locally with reduced costs and shorter lead times. Leveraging our technical capabilities and knowledge of the OEMs’ requirements, our goal is to additionally assist clients in improving understanding and product quality, benefitting the supply chain as a whole.” -   Paolo Chiappina, Bureau Veritas Vice President Operations Americas Region.

The Bureau Veritas Mexico laboratory houses the latest technology for the compliance of automotive products. Complying with the homologation processes of the largest and strongest OEM's at a national and global level, Bureau Veritas Mexico reiterates and strengthen its commitment to the supply chain of the automotive industry. 

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