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Bureau Veritas Mexico Expands Hardlines/Automotive Test Capabilities – Introducing Scratch Hardness Testing

Apr. 27 2022

Bureau Veritas, the leading Testing, Inspection and Certification provider, is pleased to announce its Mexico laboratory has expanded their testing capabilities to include Scratch Hardness Testing that tests the gloss, color and resistance of plastics and textures.

The Scratch Hardness Tester is an automatic tester used to test the resistance to scratch on polymer, wood, paints and gloss on finished products.

Standards Run on the Scratch Hardness Tester

• GME 60280 • D45 1047
• GMW 14688 • MS210-05
• PV 3952 • STD 4377
• PV 3974 • PV 3962
• ISO 2409  

Materials Tested 
• Plaster
• Paints and gloss
• Plastic and polymer
• Diverse kind of woods

Automotive:  Interior and Exterior Plastic Parts
• MAR Resistance
• Scratch Resistance Cross Cut Test of painted parts
• Resistance of coated surface to creams and lotion.
• Determination of surface strength on plastic surface.
• Scratch Resistance Cross Cut Test unpainted plastic parts

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