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China National Standard GB/T 43293-2022 Shoe Size Published

Nov. 18 2022

On October 12, 2022, China State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration (the National Standardization Administration Commission) issued Announcement No. 13 of 2022, approving the issuance of GB/T 43293-2022 Shoe Sizes, which will replace GB/T 3293.1-1998 and will be officially implemented on May 1, 2023.

GB/T 43293-2022 still adopts the Mondopoint system for shoe size labeling. Compared with GB/T 3293.1-1998, there are the following major changes:

  • GB/T 3293.1-1998 would be replaced by GB/T 43293-2022 as of implementation date;
  • The Chinese shoe size should include the foot length in millimeters at minimal. Manufacturers or retailers can add the foot width or the type of the shoes as needed.
  • There would be more combinations of shoe size representations are allowed for China market.
  • Remove the requirement of minimal font height for labeled shoe size, though all shoe labeling still need to meet minimal font size requirements per QB/T 2673.

The current shoe size labeling in according to GB/T 3293.1-1998 can meet the marking requirements of GB/T 43293-2022. Since GB/T 43293-2022 allows more shoe size combinations for labeling, the update of shoe size marking would have no impact for footwear with shoe size already labeled per GB/T 3293.1-1998.

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