CPSC Announcement - Electronic Filing of Certificate of Compliance Data 

Jun. 8 2024

On Tuesday, June 4, 2024, the CPSC issued a Federal Register including the expansion of PGA message set test and request for additional participant (Docket No. CPSC-2022-2020). 

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is taking the next steps in moving forward with the eFiling regulation. The Federal Register announced the expansion of the PGA message set test to include up to 2,000 additional participants and allowing importers to voluntarily participate for up to three additional years OR until an effective date of a final rule requiring eFiling. 

2,000 additional participants are referring to the planned voluntary eFiling period to begin after the Beta Pilot ends. The Beta Pilot is officially ending June 28, 2024, but the voluntary period will not begin until ‘Summer 2024’ with dates to be determined. 

If you are interested in participating in voluntary eFiling, an email request should be sent to  with the subject heading ‘Beta Pilot: Application to participate in Expanded PGA Message Set Test.’ 

The reference of being able to submit electronic files for up to three additional years does NOT mean the pilot is being expanded for three more years. This time was intentionally included in the notice to permit flexibility only until the final rule requiring eFiling is issued. 

The final rule is still expected by the end of the CPSC fiscal year in September 2024. 

In obtaining clarification from the CPSC, it is very clear that the original timelines are not changing. The SNPR  (CPSC Issues SNPR to Amend Certificates of Compliance, December 2023) outlined 120-day implementation. 

For this reason, Bureau Veritas recommends moving forward with ‘worst case scenario’ timeline of implementation in January 2025 until exact timelines are provided in the direct final rule in September 2024. 

The full federal register notice and link for public comments can be found here: 
Federal Register :: Electronic Filing of Certificate of Compliance Data: Announcement of Expansion of PGA Message Set Test and Request for Additional Participants 

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