Toys and Juvenile Products
Play with Confidence

Safety is always the very highest priority when producing and selling goods designed for children, including juvenile furniture, ride-on toys, electrical toys and even board games.
However, it is an extremely complicated matter, due to constant changes in government regulations and industry standards. 

Bureau Veritas provides top-class quality assurance services for toys and juvenile products, including specialised services to meet particular needs; and testing processes to determine whether goods meet the required laws and guidelines.  

This gives manufacturers and retailers the confidence that items such as projectile toys, pre-36-month toys and building blocks are all truly safe for families to enjoy – meaning that risk is balanced with cost; and the brand is protected from problems with recalls, non-compliance issues and consumer concerns.  

By providing full quality assurance services for all stages of the product life cycle of toys and juvenile products, Bureau Veritas can help protect your reputation and brand.


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