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Citizens, companies and public authorities are striving to create more sustainable businesses, and a more sustainable world.

As a Business to Business to Society company, Bureau Veritas puts sustainability at the heart of its mission, helping its clients meet the challenges of quality, health and safety, environmental protection and social responsibility.

We support them in their journey towards making a positive impact for all.

Through our BV Green Line of services & solutions, we stand by those that strive to demonstrate their commitment through transparent, trustworthy and meaningful actions.

Bureau Veritas helps its clients to provide high quality, safe, sustainable and compliant consumer products, connected devices and electrical & electronics products. Bureau Veritas helps both online and traditional retailers, as well as brands, to manage their risks all along the supply chain, and to validate and improve product performance.

Bureau Veritas offers various services to its clients, such as assistance in managing chemical waste throughout their supply chain. It also supports its clients by offering product life cycle analyses and eco-design. Sustainability services notably include social and ethical audits of supply chains, supply chain quality improvement program, regulatory compliance and verification of product performance.

Through our green line of services & solutions, we empower organizations - both private and public - to implement, measure and achieve their sustainability objectives.

With our contribution, our clients can measurably demonstrate the impact of their ESG actions by making them traceable, visible and reliable. By bringing transparency, we provide the tools to protect clients’ brands and reputations.

BV Green Line Ressources and Production Pillar

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