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Absorbency Testing for Period and Leakproof Underwear

Reusable period underwear is not only a new trend but also a sustainable alternative to traditional hygiene items. It’s imperative that your products perform as claimed to avoid damage to your reputation and erode consumer trust, as well as comply with truth in labeling requirements.  
Bureau Veritas offers testing to verify and substantiate your performance claims giving you confidence in your products. Our testing packages also address mandatory requirements, including PFAS, as well as industry best practices, and physical and performance characteristics.

Bureau Veritas has developed proprietary absorbency test methods, to address specific claims of top brands. Our new methods give speed and consistency of results, to support performance and provide data that is helpful to determine the best construction for a brand’s marketing claims.

Bureau Veritas will also work with you to develop your own exclusive method, providing valuable data to support your end-product.

This testing can be used on products such as:

  • Leakproof Underwear

  • Period Panties

  • Incontinent / Bladder Control Products

  • Absorbent Shorts

The Bureau Veritas U.S. Consumer Product Lab in Buffalo, New York has decades of experience with textiles, combined with technical knowledge and expertise and a full spectrum of testing capability.

Do you have additional performance claims you need to verify? Our Moisture Management Testing can verify moisture management performance, quick dry and breathability claims. 

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