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Environmental simulation for Electronics

Mechanical, Ingress Protection and Climatic Testing 


Electrical and electronic products failing to perform reliably in their intended working environment gain a high profile from time to time. Everyone experiences products that do not have the durability expected of them, generating a resolve not to make the same purchasing mistake twice. Brand reputations can be won or lost through environmental performance, and performance costs.

To remain competitive, as a manufacturer or as a retailer/importer sourcing private label products, you will be looking to extend your warranty terms and to verify your products will function effectively over their expected life. And with global supply chains and growth in online retailing, the importance of simulating the package in transit is a critical success factor.


  • END USER UNDERSTANDING: Our testing process begins with understanding the product from your point of view; where will the product be marketed, who will use the product, what are your performance, quality and reliability expectations?
  • RATIONALIZED TEST PLAN: Avoid failures and delays to market acceptance; we identify the regulatory barriers and develop a rationalized Environmental Test plan for your product in your target markets, saving you from retesting for each market you will be selling into..
  • TESTING: Consequently, the appropriate testing is performed so you can sell, manufacture, or distribute your product anywhere in the world with confidence.
  • TECHNICAL SPECIALISTS: Our engineers can also help advise on root cause of product failures we may encounter during testing; validating your market release date is met and your customers’ expectations are surpassed.


Our environmental simulation capabilities cover a wide range of mechanical and climatic conditions including:

  • Extremely high and low temperatures;
  • Large, swift variations in temperature;
  • Blowing and settling sand and dust;
  • Salt spray and salt fog;
  • Very high or low humidity;
  • Wet environments;
  • Fungus;
  • Vibrations (airborne and structural);
  • Accelerations;
  • Solar radiation; and,
  • High and low pressures
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