Product Traceability Solutions

Product Traceability Solutions


With the regulators continuing to uphold the rules to verify the origin of the products, retailers and brands need to provide evidence to prove the source of their commodities.   Failure to do so may result in the detention of the product shipment.   

Unfortunately, industry like organic cotton still has very limited transparency due to Chain of Custody standards depending mainly on paper transaction certificates. This type of system also makes it difficult for stakeholders to collaborate with each other and organize their own separate systems.

Implementing product traceability in your supply chain is time-consuming, especially with Tier 2 & tier 3 suppliers.   Key questions you need to consider before you start your traceability program are:

How do you incentivize your supply chain to ordinate better?  How do you collect and verify the suppliers’ provided documents/evidence more efficiently?  What type of product origin and authenticity testing methods is being used?  What are the requirements for importing cotton-based products from the regulators?



Bureau Veritas CPS provides you with end-to-end product traceability solutions to meet your challenges.  First, we kick start your program with strategy and plan development with our technical team to identify checklists and methodologies, and also how you can incentivize your suppliers for data collection, and identify potential risks. 

We can quickly set up and launch your traceability digital platform to start collecting data from all known anchors in your supply chain.  Since it is difficult and time-consuming to collect and verify data, especially from Tier 2 & 3 suppliers, we help you to define the process and verify the claim document submitted by your suppliers before use.  

By working with BV, you can conduct the origin testing (Isotope) to verify the geographic region of the product which can be used as proof of admissibility for importing into those regulated countries.   Also, you can conduct cotton Identification & authenticity testing (DNA) to conclusively identify Egyptian Cotton, Pima Cotton, Upland Cotton, and blends.  

We have partnered with OPTEL, which provides you with a digital traceability platform namely Optchain™ which acts as a control tower, capturing and connecting granular data along the supply chain to provide greater visibility and transparency.

At the end of the day, you will have a granularity of your traceability program to see how well it has performed, and continue to improve and scale to fulfill both regulators' and customer needs.

Optchain - Digital Traceability Platform


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Bureau Veritas - Your Sustainability and Product Traceability Partner

Bureau Veritas has long partnered with different industry stakeholders to assist in product quality and compliance.  Our comprehensive product testing and traceability solutions can improve transparency and meet regulatory compliance.

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