Press release

Bureau Veritas Named Approved Testing Provider by ACMI

Jul. 9 2019

Bureau Veritas, the global leading Testing, Inspection and Certification provider, is pleased to announce it has been named an approved testing provider by ACMI, The Art and Creative Materials Institute, for their Certification Program. 

ACMI is an international association of art, craft and creative material manufacturers which seeks to promote safety in art and creative products through its certification program. The AP (Approved Product) Seal identifies art materials that are safe when used as directed and that are certified in a toxicological evaluation conducted by a board certified toxicologist that they contain no materials in sufficient quantities to be toxic or injurious to humans, including children, or to cause acute or chronic health problems. To date, ACMI has certified over 60,000 art, craft and creative material formulations. Visit for more information on ACMI.

Bureau Veritas is a world leading testing, inspection and certification solution provider for the global consumer product market.  Our quality assurance services for arts and crafts products encompass a full-range of quality and safety compliance testing and consulting. As the arts and crafts industry encompasses an extensive array of products, they often require a variety of specialized testing and evaluation to a broad scope of standards. Bureau Veritas can identify the necessary regulations for multiple global markets and meet those requirements.

As an approved ACMI testing provder, manufactuers of art, craft and creative materials can now submit their products to Bureau Veritas for testing and evaluation to the ACMI certification standards. Bureau Veritas offers a five day turn around time, set pricing to allow members to better forecast their toxicology services better, test engineers to answer your technical questions, and access to our One Source platform for storage and searching of test reports. Learn more about Bureau Veritas' Quality Assurance Services for Arts & Craft Products.