CA Proposition 65
Settlements/Judgements Summary for Q1 2023

Apr. 28 2023

Enforcement Trends

  • Product categories with the most settlements/judgments: 
    • Bags/kits/cases/totes/backpacks/pouches: 20%
    •      Food and dietary supplements: 14%
  • Phthalates were the chemicals named in the most settlements and judgments, and accounted for 55% of settlements/judgements. 79 settlements/judgements were for DEHP, 13 for DINP, 4 for DBP, 3 for DIDP, and 2 for two or more phthalates.  The notices covered a wide range of products.
  • Metals accounted for 31% of settlements/judgements, with 28 for lead, 1 for cadmium, and 4 for two or more metals.

Download Bulletin PDF file to view charts with Q1 2023 top targeted product categories and top targeted chemicals.

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