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China Standard GB/T 14272-2021 Down Garments Published

Apr. 4 2021

China Standard GB/T 14272-2021 Down Garments Published on March 9th, 2021 – To Be Implemented April 1st, 2022

GB/T 14272-2021 superseded GB/T 14272-2011 and will be put into implementation from April 1st 2022. Major changes include but not limited to:
• Down filling with down cluster content labeling;
• Add appearance after washing and colourfastness to cross staining on contrast colours requirements;
• Down proofness test is changed to tumbling box method with different requirements;
• Fill power of down filling adopts steam conditioning test method;
• Add AP & APnEO restriction on down filling. Please beware that there is no exemption in China on new textile articles produced, without the use of NPEO, exclusively from recycled textiles like the way EU REACH Annex XVII allows. 

Download Bulletin PDF file to view table that highlights the main differences between the two editions. 

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