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New UK Battery Safety Standard 


May. 4 2021

The BSI in its role as the UK National Standards Body has published the first standard to address the safety issues posed by button (non-lithium) and coin (lithium) batteries and to provide a standard approach to products which contain these type of batteries. 

The new standard, named PAS 7055:2021, Button and coin batteries – Safety requirements – Specification, is aligned with The General Product Safety Regulations 2005 (GPSR) which requires that new and used consumer products placed on the market are safe. 

It specifies safety requirements for button and coin batteries up to 32 mm in diameter to mitigate the risk of ingestion. It also defines the safety requirements for manufacturers and producers of button and coin batteries, including the consumer products that use them, and the retailers and distributors of these products. The requirements cover labelling, instructions and packaging, alignment of safety and health warnings, merchandising, safe disposal and product safety of typical consumer products using button and coin batteries.  

The standards have been developed by a steering groups of consumers and experts from the battery, retail and safety industries. 

A copy can be obtained free of charge for download via the BSI website: 

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