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Regulatory Updates for Clothing Storage Units

May. 14 2022

There has been an increase in regulatory activity recently related clothing storage units sold in the US. 

With ASTM and the CPSC both proposing new requirements, these will have major implications for retailers, importers and manufacturers that sell dressers, chests and other clothing storage units. 

As Bureau Veritas monitors this activity, let us help you navigate the unstable industry. We have customers actively benchmarking their products to one, two or all three of these safety requirements:    

  1. ASTM F2057-19 - Existing active standard 
  2. STM F2057-22 - Proposed new standard with potential release in Q2/Q3 

How Bureau Veritas Buffalo Can Help
Our technical professionals actively participate in technical subcommittees allowing us to provide the latest industry information and testing methods.  We offer customized and comprehensive services to evaluate the safety, durability, and structural adequacy of furniture: 

  • Testing to applicable regulations and industry standards to confirm your units are meeting the current requirements 
  • Pre-testing to the proposed ASTM and CPSC requirements. Do your due diligence for that extra level of assurance from a third-party testing lab

Requirement Applicability
Changes in the requirements include an update of what is and is not a clothing storage unit. Did you know a nightstand may be considered a clothing storage unit based on its design and features? Depending on your product’s dimensions, the new standards may or may not apply to your product. 

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We have the furniture industry, regulatory and technical expertise required to check a product’s compliance against current and proposed standards and/or a manufacturer’s own specifications.  Learn more about BV’s Furniture Services.

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