Global decisions to target fashion retailers for using misleading sustainable claims has caused panic and fear among brands and retailers. A lack of understanding of what is acceptable, and what will be deemed greenwashing, has seen brands reluctant to share their sustainability credentials. Retailers and brands have made sustainability investments across their supply chain, but now fear that promoting these could result in large fines.

These are sustainability credentials you’ve invested in and your customers are demanding, but you feel too exposed to promote them.

How crazy is that? You have invested in something and you can’t shout about it.

Let’s look at this from another point of view. Why do we want to be more sustainable? Creating brands and products that are more sustainable helps the environment, reduces pollution, and longerterm, gives us all a better way of

life and a more hopeful future. This isn’t just driven by the brand or retailer; consumers are themselves demanding more sustainable products to live in a more sustainable world. With purchasing power, consumers are holding retailers more accountable, and buying from brands whose values align with their own. If brands are reluctant to label their products as sustainable, how will anyone know which products to buy?

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Imagine there was a solution

One that allows brands and retailers to use their sustainability investments and confidently promote their sustainable credentials without fear of large fines. 

At Bureau Veritas we have created that solution. We have developed a package specifically to help UK retailers and brands comply with legislation, compete with other brands, and even lead in their marketplace – all by confidently using the claims from the sustainable services they have already invested in.


    You have created a sustainable product or range. It deserves to be promoted. Our comply services do just that, allowing you to comply with legislations so you can include your sustainable claims alongside your products.

    • Portfolio Assessment

    • Green Claims Validation

    • Product and Chemical Testing

  • LEAD

    You already comply with local legal requirements? Why stop there? You have invested in bringing a sustainable product to market, so let’s lead with that and start promoting it!

    • Strategy Development Support

    • Content Claim Standards (TE & GOTS)

    • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)


    Your products are market-leading and generating new sales. Soon others will start to catch up. Using our BV Mark, your consumers will gain confidence in your sustainable products, creating a loyal following.

    • Eco-design Strategy/Software

    • Traceability Testing (Oritain & DNA) & BV Mark

    • Durability Testing & BV Mark

Want to talk to us about your sustainability claims?

As well as our sustainable claims solutions, we offer a wide selection of sustainability solutions that can help your brand or product meet your sustainable goals. If you have an existing sustainability program or future plans and you would like to speak to us about how we can help you promote them, why not get in touch on the form below and we can arrange a call with our sustainability team and guide you through the process.

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