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5G FR1 & FR2 Conformance Testing

A comprehensive Testing & Certification solution for 5G enabled products


According to IHS' forecasts, the global 5G market is expected to reach $12.3 trillion USD production value by 2035. Now a reality, 5G is transforming technology and is replacing toe concept of how we connect! 

5G is not just an evolutionary upgrade of 4G, it is a revolutionary technology that will eliminate the bounds of access, bandwidth, performance, and latency limitations on connectivity worldwide.

5G has the potential to enable fundamentally new applications, industries, and business models and dramatically improve quality of life for society around the world. Through unprecedented use cases that require high data-rate instantaneous communications, low latency, and massive connectivity we will see new applications for mobile telecommunications, mobile health, autonomous vehicles, smart manufacturing, smart cities, smart homes, and the IoT in general.

While the innovation of 5G is going to dramatically change our lifestyle, it doesn’t mean 4G is going away. The emergence of 5G will also drive the cost down for 4G technology leading to expanded applications and use cases adopting the technology.

With a bigger addressable 4G market and an emerging 5G market, we are seeing great growth opportunities for connectivity, security as well as quality, health and safety testing, certification and approvals management within this increasingly Smartworld. And as a global leader in Smartworld TIC solutions, Bureau Veritas is well positioned to support clients with 4G and 5G network connectivity performance and interoperability.

    Service Scope

    • 5G Conformance Test System: Test platform for 5G NR which used for 5G conformance protocol testing and carrier network acceptance testing
    • RF Regulation mandatory testing for 5G NR devices
    • 5G NR Sub 6GHz SAR and mmWave band Power Density testing
    • FCC/ISED/CE/Japan
    • Cyber Security: P-Scan (Automated Test Platform), BV IOT Cybersecurity Assessment (Certification with 3-tiers), Eurosmart Certification, ioXt, CTIA, IEC 62443

    Testing Standards

    RF Regulatory: 
    • FCC: FCC Part 22/24/27/30/90/96
    • CE: EN 301 908-1, EN 301 908-24, EN 301 908-25, EN 301 489-1/-50/-52
    • ISED: RSS-130/-132/-133/-139/-195/-197/-199
    • Japan: Article 2-1-11-29, Article 2-1-11-30, Article 2-1-11-31, Article 2-1-11-32
    • 3GPP TS 38.521-1, TS38.521-2, TS38.521-3
    • CTIA OTA Test Plan, 5G mmWave OTA

    Bureau Veritas 5G Services

    Bureau Veritas 5G Services Imagination Becomes a Reality, 4G+5G= A Bigger Addressable Market

    Fully Equipped Labs Worldwide

    Labs with full scope in USA, China, Taiwan and Korea

    Our Strengths

    Reliable and Accurate TIC Service

    Bureau Veritas provides cellular and wireless / IoT solutions for the Electrical & Electronic, New Mobility and Wireless markets. We have many years of experience in performing EMC/RF, SAR, OTA, and Connectivity Performance, or Conformance, testing as well as certification and International Approval management.

    Integrated Segments

    Uniquely in the TIC industry, Bureau Veritas is the only partner who has integrated the full suite of capabilities for the electronics, new mobility and wireless segments.

    AssistING Clients ACCESS Global MarketS

    For ODM/OEM companies that have mainly overseas clients, Bureau Veritas offers the most professional, convenient and considerate one-stop comprehensive service, and assists you to access the global market in the fastest and easiest way!

    Widest Wireless TIC Service

    We cover more wireless technologies than anyone else in the TIC business, with authorizations covering NFC, Bluetooth, WiFi, Thread, Zigbee, DSRC, CBRS, LoRa, Sigfox as well as 2G/3G/4G/5G.

    Completed 5G Testing Environment

    Bureau Veritas Group started its 5G journey and has been deploying solutions since 2018. Bureau Veritas Taiwan was a pioneer to set up 5G base station simulator to successfully accomplish the deployment of 5G testing environment. We now have fully equipped laboratories in USA (Silicon Valley, California), China (Shenzhen), Taiwan and Korea.

    International Approved Labs

    By adopting the new 5G NR protocol test system, Bureau Veritas is authorized by mobile terminal certification organizations, such as GCF and PTCRB, as well as numerous carriers such as Verizon.

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