Certification Solutions

In today’s evolving regulatory landscape, companies are being challenged to comply with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA). New certification requirements, adopted under that act, by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) were effective in February 2013 for children’s products and will present significant changes including, but not limited to, corrective actions, tracking material changes, and the creation and storage of testing and product related documents. These requirements will be mandatory to certify a children’s product.

For apparel and hard goods, a Reasonable Testing Program is required. However, in October 2011, the CPSC chose to ‘reserve’ specific program requirements, leaving manufacturers and importers to identify appropriate measures based on existing guidance and proposed regulations. For retailers, this poses new challenges in determining if product on their shelves is compliant.

All partners in the supply chain are asking:
• What needs to be implemented to meet the new certification requirements for children’s products?
• What constitutes a Reasonable Testing Program for non-children’s products?
• How can compliance be easily demonstrated across the supply chain?

Our solution is designed to help manufacturers, importers and retailers work together to answer all of these questions. Whether you need to comply with upcoming new requirements for the certification of children’s products or implement a Reasonable Testing Program for your non-children’s products, our technical professionals are ready to help you and your supply chain take proactive steps toward compliance.

At the core of our services is an innovative storage solution for all your document needs called Product Technical Folder. Designed to help track and demonstrate compliance, this easy-to-use, online application allows all partners in the supply chain to enter necessary data and documentation to create a comprehensive technical file as required by the regulations. Easy to use functionality includes “one click” technical file generation and automated GCC and Production Test Plans generation. Available 24/7 with secure appropriate online access levels, our storage solution can be customized based on your product or specifications.

What are the key benefits?
• Deliver compliant products to market with confidence
• Reduce the risk of financial loss, liability and safety issues associated with non-compliant products
• Protect your reputation and brand with a cost effective solution to demonstrate compliance across your supply chain with our innovative storage solution Product Technical Folder
• Peace of mind with our experienced technical team to support you
• Implement a program that complies with mandatory rules with the least impact to your business and process


At Bureau Veritas, we recognize that in today’s rapidly evolving regulatory environment, companies need more than a simple testing solution. You need a proactive partner who can help you with all aspects of compliance and provide comprehensive solutions for both children’s and non-children’s products.


Reputation For over 35 years of technical experience in toy and juvenile products.
Worldwide Locations With locations close to sourcing areas in over 40 countries, we offer you the convenience of global coverage with local service.
Technical Knowledge & Leadership On-going involvement directly with the CPSC in meetings, conference calls, and related interpretative activities of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act.
Personalized Service At Bureau Veritas, we are committed to meeting your needs.


Is documentation storage required for a Reasonable Testing Program despite reservation of the section?

The CPSC can request documentation for any certification testing program including those for children’s and non-children’s products, particularly if there is an issue of non-compliance. Even though no specific requirements are defined for non-children’s products, a manufacturer must document its Reasonable Testing Program to be prepared in the event of a CPSC review.

Without proper documentation, a manufacturer will neither be able to provide the necessary documents nor demonstrate its program provides a high degree of assurance as required by law. Our Product Technical Folder acts as a central location to store all of your necessary documents so they are readily available if requested and supports your certification program for either non-children’s or children’s products.