Delivering Electrically Integrated Furniture to Market

Managing Risk. Driving Quality. Protecting Brand.

The expanding class of e-Furniture products, with integrated motors, or other powered components, brings new challenges to product compliance and consumer satisfaction. Integration of motors, heating elements, plugs and more increases the amount of regulations with which a product must comply. As these products become more common place in the market the regulatory landscape will continue to evolve as well. 

Knowing what requirements apply to your product can be difficult, particularly across multiple regions of distribution.  Whether you’re selling your product in one country or multiple countries you are almost assured to have applicable regulatory requirements. It’s critical to know how new sales markets or product changes can impact your regulatory responsibilities. 

Beyond meeting regional requirements to bring a product to market, those new components need to work as a consumer would expect in order to maintain satisfaction with the product. Targeted testing plans can be created to further enhance the testing around the robustness of the product or a consumers experience with the product with a goal of raising or maintaining important positive customer ratings and reviews.  

Examples of electrically actuated furniture:
• Couches; recliners; love seats with motor driven positioning
• Electrically adjustable standing desks; coffee tables with motor driven tops
• Beds with motor driven adjustable positioning 

Other electrical component integration:
• USB Ports
• Speakers
• Heating
• Massaging
• Lights 

Bureau Veritas is uniquely positioned with expansive test capabilities to target your products specific functions. With labs in key production regions, our services are designed to assist manufacturers, brand owners, importers and retailers in minimizing the risk of late shipment, liability, costly product returns, and recalls. Our global specialists have in-depth knowledge of the regulatory framework for many countries. This allows us to provide the fundamental support allowing you to demonstrate that the products you sell comply with international industry and regulatory requirements and quickly access the global market. We offer a suite of solutions including testing as well as supporting services such as inspections, audits and certification. 

What are the key benefits?
• Verify compliance with worldwide furniture and electrical product regulations or industry standards
• Minimize the risk of recalls, returns and complaints
• Enhance risk management and brand protection
• Help increase product sales 

Bureau Veritas, backed by experienced professionals and accredited laboratories worldwide, provides you with comprehensive services for all your product needs. We can assist you with both testing and specialized services for a variety of furniture products, with or without integrated electrical components, to manage compliance with international and regional regulatory demands and access to the global market. We have decades of experience in advising on the best solution for your challenging business environment to meet critical regulatory requirements, physical testing and more, all available throughout our worldwide network. 

Bureau Veritas can offer solutions for products distributed across the globe including Europe, covering the European Directive requirements; China, addressing GB requirements; and North America. Download service sheet to view a table that provides an example of testing services we can conduct on product distributed in the US. 

What types of product can you test? The product innovations for furniture with electrical integration is ever-changing. We can provide services for all types of furniture with or without electrical components. Just ask us and our technical staff can help you understand the specifics of your product. 

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