Energy Diagnosis


Supporting Your Journey Towards Sustainability

Why Energy Diagnosis?

To answer the call from the brands/retailers, and the local government, facilities are struggling to find a solution to help them improve their energy efficiency and reduce their carbon footprint. Bureau Veritas’ Energy Diagnosis is a project catering to the needs of those facilities.

Introducing the Bureau Veritas Energy Diagnosis Scheme

By working together with facilities in different industries, we have standardized an approach to make the process scalable, but still maintaining the possibility for customization in accordance with the different needs from facilities. By a combination of on-site and off-site ‘diagnosis’, BV specialists identify the root causes leading to high energy consumption and carbon emissions. With a full year facility management and representative engagement, BV specialists work in collaboration with the facility, map out a practical 3-year plan with targets set and agreed with regards to energy improvement and GHG performance.


The BV Energy Diagnosis Solution helps facilities to reduce energy consumption and improve the efficiency of production processes and equipment, thereby
1. Avoiding energy loss;
2. Reducing costs, and;
3. Improving sustainability performance continuously over time


  • Better energy efficiency decisions based on real-time data & insights

  • Strengthen the brand image

  • Respond to customers by articulating process & information about energy management practices

  • Improve environmental impact for a more sustainable world

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