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Automotive environmental simulation

Vibration, Climatic & Ingress Protection


Products failing to perform reliably in their intended working environment gain a high profile from time to time with television programs and newspaper reports frequently highlighting products which are unreliable in the field. Everyone experiences products that do not have the durability expected of them, generating a resolve not to make the same purchasing mistake twice. 

Driving results in vibrations impacting the vehicle’s chassis, systems and components. Additionally, certain climates have conditions that can result in premature wear. Hot and cold extremes and humid or dusty environments can create significant stress on automotive parts. 

Automotive products need to be strong and reliable. It is imperative to be able to count on a long-term and recognized partner laboratory to verify that the trust of consumers in markets worldwide is maintained. 


Our environmental simulation testing puts automotive products through extremes to verify performance and durability and identify risks of failure.

To remain competitive you will be looking to verify your products will function effectively over its expected life. The cost of the environmental testing necessary can easily be set against the cost of failures in the field and loss of reputation. And if you design in environmental requirements right at the product design stage, you stand a greater chance of a better product, faster to market, with much lower costs of design corrections.

Our environmental simulation testing, or reliability testing, services include:

  • extremely high and low temperatures
  • thermal shock: large, swift variations in temperature
  • tightness seal: blowing and settling sand, dust as well as rain
  • corrosion: salt spray and salt fog
  • very high or low humidity
  • wet environments
  • fungus
  • vibrations (airborne and structural)
  • accelerations
  • solar radiation
  • ice resistance: frost, defrost
  • quick decompression
  • overpressure
  • tightness seal (index of protection IP)
  • vibrations, mechanical shocks, jolts, that can be combined to temperature, variation in temperature and/or humid heat
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