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In case of an accident, automated emergency call technologies like PAN European eCall and ERA-GLONASS make an automated emergency call. At the same time all relevant information, like the position of the vehicle will automatically be transferred to the next emergency center which thereupon will be able to get in touch with the driver. Various automated vehicle emergency call systems have been introduced, and mandated, worldwide within the last years. Their specifications differ by nation and region.

To ensure uniform provisions for the approval of emergency call systems, the eCall regulation was set up for the European Union, the ERA-GLONASS regulation for the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) and the UN-R 144 for approval within the UN. Compliance with these regulations must be tested and certified by authorized technical services and accredited testing laboratories in accordance with EU, UN or EAEU specifications.

Depending on the country of registration, the emergency call systems require different specifications in terms of testing and certification. Some of the specifications are already aligned with each other, for example, meaning that existing ERA-GLONASS tests could be also valid for complying with UN regulations. This might avoid tests being carried out multiple times.

Types of approval

A distinction is made between the following types of approval:

  • Vehicle: the approval of the vehicle with the entire emergency call component group installed
  • Emergency call system: the approval of the emergency call component group
  • Component: the approval of a single technical unit from the component group

Since January 2017 all vehicles that are put into circulation throughout the territory of the Eurasian Customs Union (including Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus) have to be equipped with the ERA-GLONASS emergency calling system. In contrast to the situation in the EU and its eCall system, this already includes all vehicles, from trucks and vans to buses or sports cars. The ERA-GLONASS system is harmonized with the eCall system to ensure a common road safety space throughout Eurasian and EU member states.

Our Solution

Since July, 2018 Bureau Veritas' 7layers has been an acknowledged technical service (category A and B) for regulation (EU) 2017/79 and UN-R 144 and has approved ERA-GLONASS certification bodies with Bureau Veritas' VEO. We can provide services for the following regulatory requirements for ERA-GLONASS certification:

  • iGOST 33466 / GOST R 54618 Compliance test methods of in-vehicle emergency call system for electromagnetic compatibility, environmental and mechanical testing
  • iGOST 33467 / GOST R 55530 Functional test methods of in-vehicle emergency call system and data transfer protocols
  • iGOST 33468 / GOST R 55531 Hands-free audio quality testing in a vehicle
  • iGOST 33469 / GOST R 55532 Crash detection feature testing
  • iGOST 33470 / GOST R 55533 Test methods for wireless communication module of in-vehicle emergency call system
  • iGOST 33471 / GOST R 55534 Test methods for navigation module of in-vehicle emergency call system certification process for ERA-GLONASS
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