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Lifecycle Traceability with 

Safety, transparency and quality throughout the entire supply chain

Origin is based on an easy blockchain system, which is open, transparent, secured, and operates without the central controlling device. With blockchain technology, the full lifecycle of the product can be digitally replicated and shared among the different players.

Data integration is easy and automatic as it relies on the existing information systems of each player of the value chain. 
Origin enables continual and complete verification with shared records and validated transactions. It thus improves efficiency by eliminating duplication of reconciliation efforts and reducing the need for intermediaries.

Origin gives access to the complete history of a product: where it comes from, how it was made and processed, and how its quality was preserved?

• Give proof of the product's origin and quality
• Increase trust by making visible all checks and audits done throughout the product lifecycle

In a cotton supply chain, for example, the apparel manufacturer or retailer would be able to see and call out any anomalies upstream, and vice versa. For a transaction to be recorded in the blockchain, a consensus is required, all supply chain members must agree on its validity.


Bureau Veritas, as a recognized independent third party with expertise throughout the consumer products supply chain, is a natural choice to help put in place traceability blockchain systems and devise appropriate systems of governance.

As a third-party testing, inspection, and audit provider Bureau Veritas is also well placed to intervene at appropriate points and moments along the chain. This might include random product testing, quantity or quality inspections, audits of management systems or inspections of facilities.

We will work with you to understand your risk level and use our complete set of tools to build a solution you can count on to move forward with confidence.

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