Today, more devices are connected to the internet globally than there are people and that number is expected to rise above 30 billion by 2020. But the increased use of smart, connected and/or wireless devices has also come with risks: many contain security vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers, while others may pose hidden health and/or safety risks. 

As a smart, connected and/or wireless device manufacturer, brand or retailer, you need to bring your devices to market while addressing the following risks: Interoperability, Reliability, Cyber-security, Safety, and Performance.

Bureau Veritas has the accreditations, recognitions, skills, personnel and footprint needed to help you to address the key risks of smart, connected and wireless devices. Leveraging Bureau Veritas’ leadership in compliance assessment, performance testing, wireless certification, chemical management, connectivity & vulnerability services, we are able to offer manufacturers, brands and retailers of smart products a full service solution, to ensure your products keep up with the evolving requirements of the smart world. 

What are the key benefits? 
• Comply with traditional product safety, compliance, and performance requirements
• Manage risk of returns and recalls from hazards or cyber-performance issues
• Identify product selling features and verify claims using targeted device testing
• Stay ahead of future applicable regulatory and new technology requirements
• Monitor and improve customer experience with enhanced performance testing

Bureau Veritas services help assess functionality, inter-operability, security, connectivity, safety, quality and performance. We have developed internal methods, incorporating industry standards and regulatory requirements for smart products to give retailers, brands and manufacturers valuable insight via conformity assessments.

• Monitors / Displays: Image contrast, brightness and power consumption
• Laptops: Playback, IT benchmarking, docking station and temperature
• Workstations: Load testing, port functionality, BIOS, and case integrity
• Qi Chargers: Claimed range of operation, durability and accelerated life
 Docking Stations: Notebook compatibility, input / output port testing• Lithium Batteries: Power utilization, heat build-up, charging / discharging
• Audio Speakers: Frequency response, decibel output, panel evaluations• USB Cables: Repeated insertions, torque / tension stress and functionality
• USB Wall Charger: Charging time, discharge capability, reliability/durability
• Smart Appliances: Safety test utilizing wireless controllers, voice control, etc.
• Smart Home: Window sensors, thermostats, garage door openers, lighting
• Smart Security: Door locking systems, digital cameras, motion sensors
• Smart Wearables: Watches, wrist bands, exercise monitoring, geo-locating
• Drones / UAVs: Flight operations, consumer use guidance, range & function

• Support for major industries & technologies: Our services cover all the major industries related to smart and wireless devices (telecoms, consumer goods, automotive, health), as well as technologies (smartphones, tablets, wearables, facial recognition, intelligent textiles, etc.)
• Comprehensive testing services: Our testing services cover a wide range of requirements, including conformance, EMC/RF, OTA, and interoperability. Specific services include product field trials and performance testing.
• Certification programs to bring new products to market: Our certification and type approval programs help you to sell your devices in over 150 markets worldwide, while our engineering services help you to meet changing regulatory requirements.
• Support & services that address specific issues: Performance & reliability. Our services help you improve your system’s effectiveness, including its battery life, antenna performance, and energy use.
• Chemical Compliance: Our chemical and analytical testing enables you to avoid costly product recalls by meeting regulatory requirements relating to restricted substances that pose health dangers
.• Conformance: Our industry recognition and capabilities helps you meet the latest wireless technologies requirements. In many cases, Bureau Veritas is first to market with wireless certification service offerings
• Cybersecurity: Our product cybersecurity testing solution enables you to protect your device’s data, networks, and software from unauthorized access


Reputation For over 35 years, we have worked successfully with top manufacturers and retailers around the world to help them better manage risk and regulatory compliance.

Worldwide Locations With locations close to sourcing areas in over 40 countries, we offer you the convenience of global coverage with local service where you need it.

Technical Knowledge & Leadership Our staff participate in the development of international, industry and regulatory standards worldwide. 

Personalized Service At Bureau Veritas, we are committed to meeting your needs and providing you with the highest levels of service.