Sustainability Assurance


Sustainability, and topics related to CSR or ESG, have become key growth drivers and a catalyst of trust for all economic players. Beyond their financial performance and ability to innovate, companies are now valued for their positive impact on people and the planet.


Decision-makers face the challenge of building trust with their stakeholders: shareholders, boards, employees, customers and society as a whole. Only an independent, third-party can help them give credibility to their CSR approaches and provide proof that their commitments in terms of environmental and social impacts are backed up by facts and actions.

For companies, this also means implementing, monitoring, improving and communicating their commitments to improve their sustainability performance and remain competitive and reliable.


Comprehensive EXPERIENCE in Sustainability solutions

• Our experiences in independent verification to improve visibility and reliability, monitor performance and verify compliance in all dimensions of sustainability
• 30,000 clients supported by Bureau Veritas with sustainability-related solutions in more than 70 countries

Global leader in the assurance market

• Decades of worldwide experience developing customized assurance solutions for global international organizations and supply chains

Natural evolution towards global leadership for Sustainability Assurance

• Long-lasting relationships with large global companies and sustainability leaders in many market segments
• Customized integrated solutions to promote independent verification, continuous monitoring and performance improvement of ESG metrics


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