Sustainable Claim Validation Service

Sustainable Claim
Verification Solution

Did you know?  Over 20% of all the claim submissions that Bureau Veritas have validated, either contain exaggerated, false, or deceptive claims.



The risks of greenwashing can be severe, which include damage to a company's reputation, loss of consumer trust, and legal and financial repercussions.  Companies that make unsubstantiated claims about the environmental benefits of their products can be accused of misleading consumers, which can result in costly lawsuits.

Violating green legislations such as CMA’s green claims code and FTC’s green guides are just one of many pitfalls which your business should avoid.  As well, there are other considerations to avoid when you are making your green claims such as how do you make sure the eco-labels you use are linked to the certification schemes
which are legitimate?  How do you verify the certification which your supplier has provided is valid?


To avoid greenwashing and verify your claims, it is important to provide traceable evidence and documents to back up your claims. You should also be aware of any relevant regulations and standards, and make sure that you adhere to them.  Additionally, you should strive to get third-party certification companies to help to verify your claims and provide a level of assurance to your customers. 

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With our Sustainable Claim Verification (SCV) solution powered by our digital platform OneSource Connect, you will be able to manage your entire claim validation workflow within your supply chain.   Your vendors will be able to submit all the necessary claim-proof documents associated with each of your products with easy to use interface.   Our team will help you to review all the submitted claims proof documents before use and trace the missing information on your behalf.   Finally, all the submitted documents will store securely in the database for future reference.

Your Benefits

✓  Save time with easy claim verification workflow within your organization.
✓  Broad coverage for different claim types and certifications.
✓  Avoid selling products that have potential risks of greenwashing claims
✓  Protect your brand from negative press and media attention
✓  Educate and partner with your supply chain as part of your ESG commitments 
✓  Prepare for growing due diligence and environmental regulations

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