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Amendment of Resolution 2109 Andean Technical Regulation for the Labeling of Apparel

Dec. 16 2020

UPDATE: Amendment of Resolution 2109 "Andean Technical Regulation for the Labeling of Apparel" 

Recently the Andean Community announced that due to Covid-19, this Regulation’s enforcement has been delayed and will enter into force on November 15, 2021. 

Background: The Andean Community (Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru) had approved Resolution No. 2109 - Labeling of Apparel. This Andean Technical Regulation to establish the minimum information that must be included on the labels of manufactured or imported clothing that is marketed within the Andean subregion in 2019.

This resolution was reported in BV Bulletin 19B-041 in December 2019. 

Summary of Resolution No. 2109: 

Required information to be labeled: 

- Fiber Content 
- Care instructions 
- Manufacturer or importer identification 
- Size or dimensions 
- Country of origin. 

General information: Labels must: 
- Be written in simple terms. 
- Be indicated with clear, visible and easy-to-read letters. 
- Be written in Spanish language without prejudice other languages. 
- Information cannot be covered by other labeled information. 
- Remain attached to the garment until the clothing reaches the consumer. 
- Be placed in a visible place of the product, or in an easily accessible place. 
- Fiber content, Care instructions and Country of origin must be permanently attached. 
- Manufacturer or importer identification and Size or dimensions can be permanently or non-permanently attached. 

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