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Brexit-New Provisions for Manufactured Goods in Northern Ireland

Dec. 12 2020

What requirements will differ for Northern Ireland post Brexit? 

Effect of the Northern Ireland Protocol 

The Northern Ireland protocol is a political agreement between the EU and the UK designed to remove the need for border controls between the Republic of Ireland (part of the EU) and Northern Ireland (part of the UK). Put simply, the protocol means that Northern Ireland will continue to follow EU rules. The protocol comes into force after the end of the Brexit Implementation period on 31st December 2020. 

This has a significant effect since Northern Ireland will be following differe nt rules to the rest of the United Kingdom. Great Britain will use a new set rules requiring updated conformity marking and labelling with local address lines.  

For manufactured goods, such as toys, home appliances and other consumer products, being sold in Northern Ireland and for businesses based in Northern Ireland, there are a few key things to be aware of. 

• The CE marking will continue to be used for conformity marking. The new UKCA marking will not be valid
• EU based business addresses as well as Northern Ireland addresses will remain valid. Addresses in Great Britain will not
• Products bearing a Northern Ireland business address can continue to ship freely to both the EU and the UK as they do today
• Northern Ireland businesses shipping products bearing an EU business address into Great Britain, will become an importer for the purpose of manufactured goods legislation
• Products coming from Great Britain into Northern Ireland will need an importer business address, based either in Northern Ireland or the EU 

There will also be other changes for the way goods flow in respect of customs and taxes (e.g. customs duty and VAT). 

More information on moving goods under the Northern Ireland protocol is available from the UK government here and more information on goods regulations in Northern Ireland can be found here

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