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BS EN ISO 20932-1 Textiles. Determination of the Elasticity of Fabrics

Aug. 4 2020

BS EN ISO 20932-1 Textiles. Determination of the Elasticity of Fabrics. Strip Tests.
Replaces BS EN 14704-1

There is a new European standard for the determination of elasticity of fabrics. This was published May 2020 and is recommended to be followed from 28th August 2020.


BS EN ISO 20932-1:2020 was developed as a result of technical advancements in yarn and fabric structures and properties. It is based on EN 14704-1 and is almost the same as EN 14704-1, but BS EN ISO 20932-1 includes the “pretension” if the automatic calculation is used from a Constant Rate of Extension (CRE) machine.
Major Updates / Changes in ISO 20932-1: 

• Pretension is required for automatic calculation from CRE is used
• Method A Strip specimen: 
Woven – 1cN/CM
Knitted – 0.5cN/CM 
• Method B Loop specimen: 
Woven – 2cN/CM 
Knitted – 1cN/CM     
• The cross-head moves to this pretension to record the initial length.
• If a pretension is used, placing of  reference marks is not required, 
since the length at pretension is used for calculation     
•    Term of Un-recovery elongation is changed to Permanent deformation in 
ISO 20932-1
It is recommended that you update your testing requirements / testing manual. 

Please refer to the actual standard for the full and detailed requirements. 

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