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BSI Flex 5555 Community Face Coverings Specification v2.0

Mar. 19 2021

The Community Face Coverings - Specification is a fast-tracked BSI Flex agreement, developed through a consensus-building process. 

BSI Flex documents are a new type of standard, created where there is a need to rapidly iterate and update content as best practice emerges. BSI Flex Standards are developed using repeated cycles of iteration. 

Version 2.0 is now open for comment via the Standards Development Portal and the BSI will continue to collate and monitor comments. A subsequent version of the Specification may be created should it be required. 

Version 2.0 of the BSI Flex introduces the following principal changes: 
• Terms and definitions: a note has been added to the definition of “community face coverings” to cover the fact that they are often referred to as “face masks”. 
• Cleaning: requirements around cleaning have changed and guidance on minimum 5 washing cycles has been added.
• Size and fit: requirements have been expanded 
• Filtration to be greater than or equal to 70% 
• Fastenings: requirements regarding tensile load have been changed and there are now different requirements for single-use and reusable coverings. For single-use face coverings, 10 N and for reusable face coverings, 50 N. 
• Breathing resistance: a change to the differential pressure requirement has been made and notes have been added. Differential pressure of the material ≤60 Pa/cm2; or breathing resistance: Inhalation resistance of 2.4 mbar and Exhalation resistance of 3 mbar. 
• Labelling and instructions for use: new information added. 
• Environmental considerations: a new requirement has been added with additional notes.
• Face coverings for children: an informative annex has been added. 

A copy can be obtained free of charge for download via the BSI website: 

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