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Bureau Veritas' Consumer Products Services Division launches its BV Mark to drive Consumer, Brand and Supply Chain Trust

Nov. 18 2021

Bureau Veritas has launched its BV Mark aimed at driving trust for brand owners who face evolving challenges in an increasingly online and sustainable world. Companies need to do more and more to stand out from the online marketplace filled with millions of brands and choices. They need to re-assure quality and sustainability conscious buyers about the performance and environmental impact of their products. They need to build trust with the end user when the consumer buys online with no physical evaluation.

Furthermore, with the rise of research driven purchases, brands are increasingly losing control over their own brand narratives. Consumers are demanding full transparency and will disregard products, and manufacturers, that do not deliver these expectations. In this respect, brands can no longer self-declare about their products, they need the seal of independent trusted third parties, world leaders in their field, to confirm their actions regarding their products.

In order to support brands’ new expectations, Bureau Veritas, through its Consumer Products Services division, has developed two BV Mark schemes, to be displayed associated with many types of products such as softlines, hard goods, electrical and electronics, personal care and cosmetics, healthcare, or wireless:

BV Mark Certified

BV Certification Mark

Based on BV protocols and/or standards, the BV Certification Mark provides a comprehensive assessment of both the product and production control with a yearly retest and factory audit. It does not supersede the regulatory certification if relevant.

BV Mark Verified

BV Verification Mark

Based on customer needs for a product’s measurable and quantifiable ‘statements’, Bureau Veritas independently attests that a unique feature has been verified according to a range of criteria.

By displaying one of these marks associated with their products, Bureau Veritas claims its customers can:

  • Stand out from the crowd, creating a sense of trust and assurance for consumers’ purchasing decision
  • Enhance the competitiveness of their products, providing consumers with an objective and trusted assessment that gives a way to separate verified tangible facts from fiction or self-declaration
  • Demonstrate green credentials, providing consumers with proof of the environmental performance of the product by a legible and visible marking
  • Show consumers their commitment to quality, which goes above and beyond the statutory requirements
  • Leverage the BV brand, adding the power of Bureau Veritas, an international brand Shaping a World of Trust, to their products
  • Mitigate risks of returns, by certifying products and/or verifying marketing claims, brands can reduce the risk of selling products that do not meet customer’s expectations

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