Press Release

Bureau Veritas Featured in Sourcing Journal-Sustainability Reporting is Increasing But Does It Resonate with Consumers?

Jul. 15 2021

Bureau Veritas’ Rick Horwitch was included in a recent Sourcing Journal article “Sustainability Reporting is Increasing But Does It Resonate with Consumers?” published on July 11, 2021.  

The article discusses the challenges defining sustainability for both the fashion industry and consumers. And while, companies are collecting increasing amounts of data about what’s in their products and how they’re made—are companies channeling that to their consumers in an effective, trustworthy way? 

Rick Horwitch explains the importance of using third party organizations like Bureau Veritas, to verify brand claims.  “There’s a lot of good going on out there, but there needs to be increased education as to what these things mean, so the acronyms aren’t alphabet soup to the consumer.” 

Other tpoics covered include need for better regulation and global standardization, lack of consumer awareness of brand and retailer sustainability efforts and much more. 

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