Press release

Bureau Veritas’ Richard Rosati Receives ASTM Award of Merit

May. 11 2023

Bureau Veritas, the global leading Testing, Inspection and Certification provider, is pleased to announce that Richard Rosati, Vice President of Technical Services and Governmental and Industry Affairs, has received the ASTM Award of Merit.  

The Award of Merit was established in 1949 by the ASTM Board of Directors and is the highest award granted by the Society to an individual member for distinguished service and outstanding participation in ASTM International committee activities.

Rick is being recognized for his longstanding commitment, leadership and dedication in the development and promotion of consumer product safety standards in Committee F15 on Consumer Products.  His contributions have made a significant and lasting impact on improving the safety of consumer products and the lives of consumers. 

Rick been a member of ASTM International for 18 years.  He currently serves on 27 subcommittees as well as the Committee on  Technical Committee Operations (COTCO) which he Chairs.  Rick has been a member of F15.90 since 2008. He is the current Vice Chair of Committee F15 after Chairing the committee for 6 years.  Ric also chairs two of the most challenging subcommittees - F15.18 on Infant Inclined Sleep Products and, F15.42 on Furniture Safety.  ASTM commented that Rick is a thoughtful and considerate leader, encouraging diverse opinions to be shared and heard during meetings that he runs.   

Rick has been with Bureau Veritas since 2000. In his current role, Rick is responsible for monitoring and communicating legislative and regulatory activity, participating in pertinent standards development activity and supporting industry activities and trade shows.   

In addition to ASTM, Rick is a member of JPMA, TIA, and is a past Board member and President of ICPHSO.  Rick has presented at various conferences and trade shows including ICPHSO, ACI, DRI, JPMA, Toy Fair, AAFA, Magic and CPSC hearings.  Rick is also an instructor for the Consumer Product Safety Professional Certification Program offered through Society of Product Safety Professionals (SPSP).  Rick has a Bachelors’ degree in Industrial Technology from the State University College at Buffalo and an MBA in international business from St. Bonaventure University.