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Bureau Veritas’ SE Asia Sustainability Series

Nov. 11 2022

Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services engaged in a series of Sustainability events in November sharing insights, trends and actions to support the realization of the market and supply chain’s goals. We shared the changing market dynamics around regulations, ratings and consumer behavior. We reviewed the challenges around sustainable chemical management including the new ZDHC MRSL Version 3.0. We had a lot of debate around the challenges with setting up and complying with PO Based Traceability and Supply Chain Due Diligence requirements. We shared perspectives as to how to reduce Greenhouse Gases within the supply chain. And we had a lot of debate as to what is Greenwashing and how to comply.

2022 SAC Annual Meeting, Singapore

For this two-day event on November 1-2, Bureau Veritas engaged with ESG leaders from the entire apparel and footwear value chain to address urgent systemic issues relating to sustainability, human rights and the climate crisis.

With the theme focused on Collective Action on Common Ground, Bureau Veritas’ Rajan KAMALANATHAN moderated a panel discussion on the topic “Tackling the climate crisis with Global South leadership”. This provided the audience with an in-depth sharing and insights from climate leaders from this region.

SAC event


Bureau Veritas held its’ Singapore SOIREE on enabling sustainability executives to connect, listen, exchange and collaborate on sustainability trends and solutions addressing the consumer goods market with their peers and with Bureau Veritas. The open and inclusive round table sharing highlighted many common challenges and desired approaches around data collection, standardization, supply chain incentivization and regionalization plans.

Following the Singapore SOIREE, the next stop was a more in-depth client event, the HCMC Masterclass. This was held in our Ho Chi Minh laboratory. With more than 70 participants, including representatives from retailer/brand to trading company to factory; Bureau Veritas moderated some extremely animated discussions covering challenges, and solutions, to the myriad of sustainability regulations in the market and being imposed by buyers.


In these two highly engaged client events, we all benefit from very open, thorough and interactive discussion on the market dynamics, industry challenges, and opportunities as well as solution sharing:

• Implementing Traceability for Product Origin
• Expanding Supply Chain Traceability
• Supply Chain Due Diligence
• Practical Tools to Reduce Supply Chain Environmental Impact
• Avoiding Greenwashing with Sustainable Claims

Understanding more on the challenges faced by our clients and their short-medium term of their sustainability goals, Bureau Veritas can support closely with the whole consumer product ecosystem to drive progress on solutions.


Asia Workshop
Finally, we spent a day sharing trends and solutions with over 150 of our sustainability leaders in Asia. We spent the whole day reviewing the case sharing, client insights and how we work together to drive sustainability improvement within the consumer goods ecosystem from retailer to trading company to factory and upstream.

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