Bureau Veritas to Sponsor & Speak at AAFA Footwear Workshop

Aug. 27 2021

Bureau Veritas, the leading Testing, Inspection and Certification provider, is pleased to be sponsoring and participating in the upcoming AAFA Footwear Workshop.  The workshop will take place virtually on Thursday, September 23.  The event will focus on critical trade policy, product safety, and regulatory updates, engaging industry professionals to strategize, learn, and discuss the industry’s latest issues. 

Bureau Veritas’ Chuck Rogers and Srini Venkataraman will speak on “Examining the Environment Footprint of Your Footwear.” Gain insights on innovative, sustainable material components and hear examples of considerations to make as you evaluate branching out into new sustainable materials in your footwear. This session will also touch on the complex arena of sustainability-related product claims and substantiation of those claims. 

The American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA) is a national trade association representing apparel, footwear and other sewn products companies, and their suppliers. 

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