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Bureau Veritas provides SEMI E187 Verification of Conformity Services to assist Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturers in enhancing the Cybersecurity Capability

Oct. 26 2023

The Digital Development Department recently awarded the world's first batch of SEMI E187 compliance certification (Verification of Conformity) to Gallant Precision Machining Co., Ltd and Control Technology Co., Ltd, their certifications were issued by the Bureau Veritas.

Bureau Veritas introduced professional consultancy and Verification of Conformity services for semiconductor equipment manufacturers in 2023, aiming to assist them in complying with SEMI E187 standards. Its professional cybersecurity team possesses extensive skill in OT cybersecurity and IEC 62443 verification, enabling semiconductor equipment manufacturers to plan foundational security life-cycle management methods from equipment design to production and maintenance before installation.

SEMI E187 sets requirements for equipment manufacturers to prioritize considerations in four major areas during the design phase: "Operating System", "Network Security", "Endpoint Protection" and "Information Security Monitoring", comprising a total of 12 security requirements. Bureau Veritas' cybersecurity specialists recommend the following approaches for implementation:

  • Planning in advance: 
    Integrating operational technology (OT) cybersecurity into semiconductor equipment design can effectively reduce subsequent modification costs.
  • Adoption of Regularly Updated Operating Systems and Applications: 
    During the design phase, equipment manufacturers can choose operating systems that support security updates and incorporate the evaluation and management of security updates into the product lifecycle.
  • Adherence to Secure Design Principles: 
    Following secure design principles such as the principle of least privilege and network segmentation can help enhance equipment security.
  • Conducting Security Assessments: 
    Security and risk assessments during the design phase can help identify and mitigate security risks. SEMI E187 standards and enhancing equipment security.

Bureau Veritas' cybersecurity team possesses extensive knowledge and experience in OT cybersecurity threats and offers three primary service areas to assist semiconductor equipment manufacturers:

  1. SEMI E187 Security Requirement Training and Consultation: 
    Providing explanations and training on SEMI E187 requirements, helping the R&D teams of semiconductor equipment manufacturers understand the content.
  2. Equipment Risk Assessment: 
    Assisting your team in identifying security risks from the perspective of OT cybersecurity threats and jointly discussing and developing security measures and management systems.
  3. SEMI E187 External Auditing and Certification: 
    Whether you are a semiconductor equipment manufacturer or a semiconductor factory, Bureau Veritas' cybersecurity team can help your company conduct SEMI E187 cybersecurity checkpoints and verification for semiconductor wafer equipment and Automated Material Handling Systems (AMHS) before installation, establishing a secure supply chain.

Bureau Veritas fully demonstrated its commitment to establishing and implementing SEMI E187 standards and enhancing the cybersecurity of its production line equipment. Bureau Veritas will continue to uphold professionalism and contribute to expanding global opportunities for the semiconductor equipment industry.

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