Sustainability Summit

JUNE 29– JULY 29

Jun. 9 2022

Brands, retailers, suppliers and factories are emerging from the COVID pandemic and are evaluating their role in the new landscape. Sustainability is an integral part of this transformation. What are the risks for businesses with climate change and what actions are needed to become carbon neutral/net-zero?

What are the challenges and market dynamics of sustainability? How to avoid greenwashing? How do you verify and apply sustainable claims for consumer products? What are the benefits of durable products to the environment, your brand, and customers?

At this summit, we’ll be covering a broad spectrum of sustainability topics. Register for FREE today and get access to ALL of our summit learning series.

  • Durability
  • Avoiding Greenwashing
  • Chemical Controls & Emissions Management
  • Organization Carbon Reduction
  • Social Due Diligence Program
  • Clarity for ESG Reporting