CA Proposition 65 - 60 Day Notice Summary for Q2 2021

Aug. 7 2021

This Bureau Veritas report provides a  summary of the California Proposition 65 60-Day Notices in Q2 2021. This report includes the enforcement trends and the most targeted products and chemicals. 

Enforcement Trends:
• The highest number of notices by product category was for food and herbal supplements, which accounted for 37% of all 60 Day Notices. Of those notices: 137 were for lead, 30 for arsenic, 29 for acrylamide, 27 for cadmium, 11 for mercury, 3 for furan, 3 for pulegone, 1 for PFOA, 1 for coconut oil, and 41 for two or more chemicals.   
• Bags, cases, etc. accounted for 17% of all notices this quarter, all of them were for one or more phthalates.  
• There were 68 notices related to wood dust warnings on tools. 67 of them have been withdrawn.     
• 42% of notices were for phthalates: 244 for DEHP, 52 for DINP, 24 for DIDP, 5 for DBP and 8 for two or more phthalates.  The notices covered a wide range of products.
• 36% of notices were for metals: 170 for lead, 25 for cadmium, 15 for arsenic, 10 for mercury and 60 for two or more metals.  
• There was one 60 notice for acrylamide in air fryers, which is the first known acrylamide notice for a non-food product.   

Download Bulletin PDF file to view charts with Q2 2021 top targeted product categories and top targeted chemicals. 

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