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Maine Finalizes New Reporting Rule for PFOS

Aug. 13 2020

The Maine Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has adopted a new rule, Chapter 890 under the Toxic Chemicals in Children's Products law that designates perfluorooctane sulfonic acid “PFOS” and its salts as priority chemicals. 

Manufacturers or distributors are required to report to the DEP of Maine certain information if the following products for children under 12 years old containing intentionally added PFOS or its salts. 

• Child care articles;
• Clothing;
• Footwear;
• Sleepwear;
• Toys;
• Cookware, tableware, reusable food and beverage containers;
• Cosmetics and personal care products;
• Craft supplies;
• Electronic devices; and
• Household furniture and furnishings 

This reporting must be provided by January 24, 2021.  

Click to view the Reporting Rule: PFOS or its Salts: Chapter 890

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