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New York Carpet Recycling Bill A09279A

Jan. 11 2023

New York State’s Governor approved Bill A09279A, an Act to amend the environmental conservation law, in relation to establishing a carpet collection program. The bill requires carpet manufacturers to establish a collection and recycling program for discarded and unused carpeting.  Effective January 2026, carpet producers will need to participate in an approved industry-wide plan for recycling or have established carpet collection program, as approved by the State Department of Environmental Conservation.

Definitions in the Bill:
• "Carpet": a manufactured article that is:
(a) used in commercial buildings or single or multifamily residential buildings,  
(b) affixed or placed on the floor or building walking surface as a decorative or functional building interior or exterior feature, and 
(c) primarily constructed of a top surface of synthetic or natural face fibers or yarns or tufts attached to a backing system made of synthetic or natural materials. 
"Carpet" includes, but is not limited to, a commercial or residential broadloom carpet, modular carpet tiles, artificial turf, a pad or underlayment used in conjunction with a carpet. "Carpet" does not include handmade rugs, area rugs, or mats.
• "Producer" means any person who manufactures carpet that is sold, offered for sale, or distributed in the state under the manufacturer's own name or brand.  "Producer" includes:
(a) the owner of a trademark or brand  under which carpet is sold, offered for sale, or distributed in the state, whether or not such trademark or brand is registered in the state; and
(b) any person who imports a carpet into the United States that is sold or offered for sale in the state and that is manufactured by a person who does not have a presence in the United States. 

Carpet sold in New York State must be manufactured with the following minimum amounts of post-consumer sources:
• within one year after the plan is approved, a minimum of ten percent post-consumer content;
• within four years thereafter, a minimum of twenty percent post-consumer content; and
• five years thereafter, a minimum of thirty percent post-consumer content. 

A year after the plan is approved by the department, carpet sold in New York State must contain the following identifying information:
(a) Name of the producer and contact information; and
(b) Carpet material, composition, and type of construction. 

Please see the following link for the requirement details: 

In addition, see New York Governor Signs PFAS Bans in Apparel and Carpet (Bulletin 23B-004) regarding PFAS requirements also found within this bill. 

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