Pennsylvania Revises Stuffed Toy Manufacturing Act to Allow for Use of Recycled Material in Stuffed Toys

Jul. 4 2024

On June 28, 2024, The Governor of Pennsylvania, Josh Shapiro, signed into law the Pennsylvania House Bill (HB) 1333 which allows for the use of recycled material to be used as a filler material within stuffed toys.

The use of recycled material as a stuffed toy filler has been a manufacturing request for years. Manufacturers of stuffed toys continue to strive for improvements in their sustainable practices. The use of recycled and reclaimed material within their stuffed toys will assist in reaching their environmental green goals.

HB 1333 includes a definition for reclaimed material and a definition for recycled material. The modified Stuffed Toy Manufacturing Act contains no additional provisions on the use of the recycled or reclaimed filler material. The recycled and reclaimed material will undergo the same performance requirements established for new material used within a stuffed toy.

HB 1333 also states that the stuffed toy label shall state the type of material used in the manufacture of the stuffed toy such as new, recycled or a mix of new and recycled material. Note that the use of the term “Recycled” is not allowed to be used on a stuffed toy label for the states of Ohio and Massachusetts.

This law becomes effective 60 days following the approval and signing from the PA Governor.

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To view the revised Stuffed Toy Manufacturing Act: 

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