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Status Update from the CPSC for the Rule Update - 16 CFR 1610 Fiber Exemptions  

Oct. 20 2020

As part of the current Rule review process for an update for 16 CFR 1610, the CPSC had requested information to support the addition of Spandex as a consideration for fiber exemption.  They have received comments as part of the Request for Information for the various types of Spandex – containing products. After careful review and consideration of the submitted data presented to the CPSC, they have concluded and advised that the data does not justify the exemption from the flammability test.  They will continue to review the spandex exemption option and will work with industry to collect data to support this option for the future. 

In the meantime, the review of the entire standard is ongoing.  The CPSC is reviewing the Standard for updates in the areas of equipment, the stop thread used in testing (which is no longer available), updating and reviewing the refurbishing techniques which are current in the industry, and possible updates to the burn codes.  More information will be announced as it becomes available. 

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How Does this Impact You? 
There will be no impact on the testing process or test lines.  This update is for your general information. 

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