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Webinar: Building Resiliency in your Supply Chain to Protect Business Continuity

Oct. 6 2021

A Bureau Veritas & AAFA Webinar
October 21, 2021 at 2:00pm ET


The exceptional events of the past two years have affected nearly every aspect of global business. Supply chains in particular are being tested and strained like never before.  A recent survey of 60 “C” level executives of North American consumer products retailers and brands showed that nearly 100% feel the  pandemic continues to expose vulnerabilities in their supply chains that they didn’t know existed.  The survey also showed that 95% identified Supply Chain Resiliency as a top priority.  This has, without a doubt, led to a cross-industry reckoning in which leaders are becoming more open to systemic change that will help to establish a new standard in supply chain practices. 

Companies can’t fix what they don’t know and/or can’t identify.  This has never been truer when it comes to supply chains.  Supply Chains are complex, dispersed and often not transparent.  

Bureau Veritas has developed a unique solution designed to shine a light on the process details that could be holding you back in managing supply chain disruptions. It equips you with the knowledge you need to identify supply chain resilience and managed the related risks and challenges. 

Attendees of this webinar will learn:
• Strategies to make your supply chain more resilient and mitigate disruptions by questioning “best practices” and embracing change
• Supply-R, Bureau Veritas’ digital platform and supply chain risk management solution designed to support business continuity and assess resilience along the supply chain.
• Case studies that will provide insights into lessons learned and how to build resiliency and protect business continuity.

Open industry. All apparel and footwear industry professionals, regardless of AAFA membership, are encouraged to participate.

Rick Horwitch, Vice President, Global Retail Lead & Supply Chain Strategy, Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services 

Kristen Kern, Manager, Supply Chain & Sustainability Initiatives, AAFA