restart with BV

Webinar: Restart your Business with BV

May. 12 2020

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The priority for all companies is to get back to work as quickly as possible and with appropriate health, safety and hygiene conditions for their employees and their clients and are looking for:

  • End-consumers reassurance
  • Safe working conditions for employees
  • Consistent approach across all sites
  • Compliance with local regulation

Restart Your Business with BV is a suite of solutions to meet the needs of retail stores, corporate offices and factories as they reopen for business. It addresses the risks specific to all places where people work, shop and sometimes live, by training teams effectively on hygiene good practices and checking that protective measures are properly set up and implemented.

Join our webinar starting on Thursday 21st May at 2pm CET (12pm GMT) to hear about the market dynamics for different countries including how China succeeded in getting stores, offices and factories  back to work; understand how some of the world’s leading companies are being seen to operate with hygiene good practices; and explore how you can benefit from Restart with BV with a fully digital approach enabling you to display the provisional Safeguard label on your stores, offices, factories and online for up to 60-days. An un-announced verification audit will be held within these 60-days which will confirm the label and its use.